Sunday, December 22, 2013

The same question

Christmas again.
The same issues...the same songs...the same questions?

"What Child is this?"  the world cries
yet after all these years.
Will even they accept the Answer
midst unfounded fears?
Jesus, Jesus is this Child!
O say His Name aloud!!
It may not be at all "correct,"
but it is still allowed!

"What Child is this?"  But surely I
have found the Answer living!
Cry out His Name: "JESUS CHRIST!"
the gift that keeps on giving!
Society, though, gives to us
a gift expected not:
the same that Jesus got?

"What Child is this?" the query lives
and all must have reply!
This Child, He is Jesus Christ,
Son of God Most High!
And He is longing to be known
in oh, so many ways--
foremost, as Savior of the soul
and object of our praise!

When you hear that song again with its living question, make sure you have the right Answer already settled!

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