Sunday, December 1, 2013

That Child!

"Jesus Christ!"
Celebrate Him with me!!

"What Child is this?"  I hear the song
cut through the silent night.
The heart of me to sing the same
and out of sheer delight!
"I KNOW THAT CHILD!" and I join them
to join that glory song!
Unto that Child, alive and well,
securely I belong!

"Jesus, Jesus--holy child,
but God--so good and great!!
Once again, the world stops
to pause and celebrate!
You are worthy, Jesus Lord,
of all our celebration!
No greater Gift is to exist
than our divine relation!"

What Child is this...
While the world continues to debate and even deny, I celebrate and enjoy that holy Child and the new life that He is!
Join me, won't you, in continuing to glorify Jesus Christ alone...even during the holidays?

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