Wednesday, December 4, 2013

That Blessed Story

That time of year...
Just another "story" told at this time?

The magnitude of mercy,
the gravity of grace...
the scope of His salvation
but daily I to face.
In labor and in letter,
reward to sure remain
from the Christ of Calvary--
Receiver of the stain.

The God of all creation,
reduced unto a man,
obedient unto the Father's
One redemption plan!
Not only blind obedience
but passion without peer!
Enthroned in glory, yet He chose
to die for evil here.

Oh, the "old, old story..."
but everyday anew
because He is alive and seen
in what we say and do.
Let us be sure our labors
so emulate The Son
that His life would be born again
in one by one by one...

But it's MORE than 'just a story...!"  IT IS LIFE!!!
Jesus Christ is alive inside of all of us who have been born again.
Let us be sure that it is Him that others see in us as we live this life that He gives.
You are being watched.  I am being watched.  WE are being watched by desperate people!

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