Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Simple Afternoon

Smoke, so slowly rising from
the neighbor burning leaves,
distracting from the icicles
dripping from the eaves...
another Ozark afternoon
before the equinox,
before is winter to approach
with its many shocks!

The cardinal and the robin dine
where I have scattered seed...
(though the Father tends to them,
I like to intercede;)
and over at that feeder with
the grain to overflow,
the squirrel and the chipmunk are
to put on quite a show.

Oh, the blest simplicity,
this afternoon, to reign.
For I take great delight in that
which most consider "plain,"
as I am shown, without a doubt,
His loving, caring touch
that is so real in everything,
so very, very much!

Simple afternoon.
Nothing complicated...just "life goes on."  But it is life that usually goes on quite unnoticed! 
Did you see it?  Can you see it?
Do you have time to even look?

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