Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Silent Morning

Here it comes...
The radio is blasting about it...the t.v. is trying to explain it...but nothing can prevent it...WINTER!
And three weeks early...(according to the calendar!)
Town will now be scrambling to acquire necessary supplies...
All types of people suddenly turn into just two types: those who help and those who don't.  (Fortunately, there are more that want to help out than the ones who only seek to take advantage.)
During this season, make sure you keep an eye on your neighbor, he may need your help more than you think.

Silence on the land again.  This time, however, not even the song of birds to exist.  No whisper...  nothing to disturb the branches...nothing to rustle the brush...nothing to bring about that well-known term "Wind Chill Factor."  The only movement to be seen is in the eastern sky, approaching faster than it appears, travelling far beyond it's own sound; and, save for the vapor trail, I probably would not be aware of that jet at all until it is behind me!  But the words flow...

     Silence on the land again
     stillness also to attend
     before is come the winter storm-
     December in its truest form!
     Icicles, oh, to glisten bright
     in the rays before the fright!
     Entertainment very free:
     the silent morning--blessed be!

No matter what the forecast is, try to make the most of life.  Even in the fury of the storm, the fingerprints of Creator God are very evident!

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