Saturday, December 28, 2013


Oh, the world we live in.
In the eyes of this world, motives and rewards are turned upside down from that of the spiritual realm.  What God may punish man for, this world would seem to reward and glorify man for.
It just doesn't seem just doesn't feel just isn't right...

"O make me to surpass the trite;
to dwell where I shall be contrite;
genuine, my motives each."
My heart and soul would thus beseech.

The praises and how they appeal,
the accolades and how they feel,
in perspective let me keep,
lest, Thy heavy hand, I reap.

All of life, all living nigh,
to worship and to glorify
The Person that is really Three;
mine escort thus--Integrity!"

The morals and motives of this world have been turned upside down.  Submitting to God and His ways will keep yours right-side-up.
Can you handle such 'submission?'

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