Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holy One Come!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...the ONLY reason for the season!

Oh, the advent of the One
Who wrought such peace within!
Propitiation is the same
for every kind of sin.
His arrival comes with tidings
"Peace!  Goodwill to men!"
It echoes through the ages, yes,
as timely now as then!

"Oh holy One, through miracle
come forth for every man,
we stand upon the promises
awaiting in Your plan.
As we draw upon the joy
of all that's been fulfilled,
we avail ourselves, oh Lord,
to that which You have willed.
We celebrate You, Jesus!
Our gratitude to raise!
We gather near the Manger with
the hosts to give You praise!
Boldly, then, to scatter with
Your grace to all the earth
with the revelation of
just how much we are worth!"

Jesus Christ come.
Only in Jesus can we know our true worth.  As we celebrate Him for the next few weeks, give Him the glory and attention that He so deserves.  You will receive far more in return than anything someone could "purchase."

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