Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

O listen to the sound!
But hear it and resound!
Christmas celebration...
oh, savor sweet relation!

"Jesus, Jesus, Happy Birthday!
Lord, we love You so!
We honor You in ways far more
than mortal men may know!
You are worthy of those "things"
that just cannot be bought!
And Jesus, to give You 'too much,'
the same, we just cannot!!

Happy, happy birthday, Jesus...
green and red and white...
In seeing You remain the core,
we take such great delight!
So many the distractions and
the trappings of the day,
but You remain the Reason and
the One and only Way!

Oh Happy Birthday, Jesus, Jesus!
Come, become the cause!
We empty out our hands that we
may give You due applause!
Oh, may we seek to please YOU as
we set aside each list
that "peace on earth, goodwill to men
is foremost to exist!"

It's Jesus' birthday.
We are not to stress out for 30 days and then pay for it for three years!  We are to celebrate Him by loving one another.
How much does that REALLY cost?

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