Sunday, December 22, 2013


A quiet, clear evening.  "Silent night, holy night..." is more than just a song from ago, it is quite inclusive of what is seen right now.

Forsaking not assembling
to revel in the sight!
The rationale of jubilation:
holiest of night!
Gathered, too, so far on high,
Heaven's host aglow--
each be yet a wick inside
the Father's palm, you know?

And why be they a-flickering?
Life, it comes about!
They honor yet anew the birth
of One Who is devout!
Shining ever-faithfully
above that peerless night,
even to enlighten us,
this season, to delight!

Oh, but far beyond the season,
Christ remains aglow!
Nor to cease festivities,
blessings to bestow!
Minded of His fervent love
by that which flickers e'er,
commemorating Jesus' birth:
Perfection come to share!

The glory and beauty of creation.  The same is even respectful of The Creator!  Join in and give honor to Jesus the King, born for us this day!

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