Monday, December 30, 2013

First sight!

What a sight to witness first thing!
The coffee is not even done yet, but there is a

Storm above the hills afar,
approaching are the clouds;
thunders start to roar as if
they were protesting crowds;
lightning bolts unruly, strike
at anything at will,
and in the middle of it all
He whispers "Peace, be still."

The sun is not yet to appear
due the storm to brew...
half the sky yet unaffected,
glorious the blue!
See the person of the Father
as He walks along,
hear the voice of God cry out,
and heavenly His song!

Morning yet again anew,
distinct in many ways.
And unto God Creator is
so many words of praise!
So many are His fingerprints
upon the early dawn;
and so exciting is His proof
there be no time to yawn!

Morning on the rolling land once more.
For a moment, set aside each chore
and SEE the One Who makes the very day:
God the Lord--the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Enjoy the coffee and whatever kind of day is beginning.

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