Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Oh, the hope to which we cling, during the holidays...and always!

Encouraged and inspired,
empowered to go on
just by looking out the window
on this winter dawn...
the Maker of the season and
the sights that fill my view,
He comes to me and causes hope
and prospect to renew!
For He is God Creator and
a new song does He bring!
He places verses in the heart
and causes me to sing.
No matter what the day looks like
or how life may appear,
He helps me realize the good
which none can interfere!

The day may witness trouble and
the weather may be cross,
but clinging to the Maker ensures
all will be not loss!
Catastrophe at hand may be
but God is far more great!
I follow hard His hand and know
that, soon, we'll celebrate!

Is your day looking that way?
Did it start out good and then go south?
If you belong to Him, remember that He has each of your steps ordered...regardless!!
Pause at the start and recognize His signature in as many places as you can.  You can even see Jesus' Presence on display as you go about this time of year.  Draw from that Presence as you go about the day.

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