Monday, December 23, 2013


How can I be emotionless
on such a glorious day?
In spite of what goes on does come
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Snowflakes mix with tears as the
reality sets in:
God, Himself, has come to save
and free us from all sin!

I cannot be emotionless
as tears, unhindered, flow!
O come, ye peoples, KNOW!
Beyond the stress of gifting be
simplicity of Truth-
reality of that which we
have clung to since our youth!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus—
O so beautiful, so real!
Let Christmas come be something you
can live and you can feel!
Let go of all the world gives
and cling to Christ always!
So far beyond mere ‘season’ be
the Truth, the Life, the Way!!

Yes, it is an emotional time…but far greater!  Jesus is here and real even when those emotions are all messed up!
Let your emotions flow during Christmas.  Not the stress of who gets what, but the awe, wonder, spectacle and humility that is as we draw closer to Jesus Christ THE King!

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