Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Desired Thirst

New Year's Eve.
"What should our yearnings be for?"  Hmm...

"Holy Spirit, living Water,
rain on us some more
that liquid so alive for to
rejuvenate, restore!
Even quenching to that depth
whence nothing else has been...
even spilling out from me
to bless the lives of men!

'I will never thirst again...'
You said to me before.
Oh, but since I drank of it
I want IT more and more!
Even running over as
Your holy Scriptures say,
so much that I may share with all
upon the Narrow Way!

Again, I thirst for Who You are
and for the life You bring!
Unto the promise of the Scripture
ever shall I cling!
The only thirst that I desire
is that which You will quench
and, in the very same, my Lord,
request I You to drench!"

The Living Water.  Holy Spirit rain!  The World alive!  There is nothing else like it!!
Being New Year's Eve, what a wonderful time to set our hearts on seeking that which satisfies so many facets of this life!
I'm in.  How about you?

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