Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas ANEW!

I heard it again several times this season.  I just have to comment on it:

All creation sing...
harmony to ring...
His glories, oh, to ring--
Jesus, Jesus Lord!

All His glory see!
In Him, all things to be!
Christmas jubilee--
Christ, Messiah, Lord!

"Just another Christmas...?"
A statement NEVER true!
Jesus--real and so alive
for anyone...AND YOU!
For He is celebration
at Christmas and ALWAYS!
See the glory...see the jubil...
all throughout the days!

Yes, all creation sing!
Jesus--only King!
Serve Him...laud...
for He alone is God!

"Just another Christmas..."  I hear it too often, and from the spectrum of age.  If you will make Jesus the center of your Christmas, then nothing will ever be the same again!
Enjoy the NEW life that Jesus is every single day!

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