Friday, December 20, 2013

Changing Times?

The bills, they are amassing,
costs are out of hand...
it seems there is no end to the
corruption in the land...
Hope--it seems to lessen with
the passing of each day...
hidden motives in what people
think and do and say...

Different are the times at all
than those so long ago?
They sought the same things as our hearts,
forward yet to go;
One voice, though, to attend;
The Answer--He is yet alive
and closer than a friend!
Yes, Jesus--far above the presents,
greater than the stress!
The greatest thing that we can do
is see who we could bless!
Focus on the goodness that
is dwelling oh, so deep--
emulate His Majesty
for memories to keep!

Jesus is STILL The Answer!
Millenniums later, He still remains THE Catalyst in living and in lives!  Let us not get so caught up in the issues that we miss the whole point of life!
There was a lot going on back then, there is a lot going on right now, the One constant be The Answer: Jesus Christ!

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