Monday, December 2, 2013

Blessed Vision

In chapter 60 of Isaiah, we are minded of so many promises...all started with a Baby in a stable...

Arise, shine, a Light is come...
So humble, in a manger, born...
adoration now to know,
but, soon, such ridicule and scorn!
Royalty to seek Him out,
with glory and with gift to laud!
All the host of Heaven shout
and celebrate the Son of God!

So much more than a 'season' nigh!
More than 'festivities' at hand!
Much greater be His radiance
than that which so adorns the land!
And greater be the gift He brings
than anything that man can give:
the birth of Him--the Father's Gift--
once to die and e'er to live!

Finally, the Living Word,
come that man no more may die!
In solace and humility,
beneath the stars, for now, to lie;
"Enjoy Thy peace, so heavenly,
before the toil and trial 'yond,
and mind us of the glories, Lord,
awaiting when Thy cloak be donned!"

A blessed vision indeed.
See it with me as we begin to celebrate His birth.  See it clearly above the commercial that so seeks to steal Him away!
Christmas is Jesus Christ!

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