Monday, December 16, 2013

Beautiful NEW Day!

It is so beautiful outside here!
We are so very fortunate to be able to see God on the move as He creates the day.
Can you see it where you are?

Ah, the glory of creation:
winter once more yet!
How many are the memories
today that life will get?
God, Himself, to feed the feeble
in His precious ways,
while I attempt record the sight
in words that bring Him praise...

There is a flock of tiny birds
(whose name I do not know,)
dining on the 'stuff' I threw out
for to melt the snow!
The otters at the bottom of
the property still grind...
but in the fresh of fallen,
entertainment, do I find!
And when the morning rays begin
to reach the waiting land,
the rolling hills begin to glow,
and give the Lord a hand!

Oh, so evident is His response
by living so alive!
All the happy signs of life
with morning to arrive!
Let each of us give Him the same
as we begin the day.
For He is worthy, for He is
the Truth, the Life the Way!

Monday morning again?  NO!  Monday morning ANEW!
Why not see THIS Monday as another GIFT and not just another day?

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