Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Desired Thirst

New Year's Eve.
"What should our yearnings be for?"  Hmm...

"Holy Spirit, living Water,
rain on us some more
that liquid so alive for to
rejuvenate, restore!
Even quenching to that depth
whence nothing else has been...
even spilling out from me
to bless the lives of men!

'I will never thirst again...'
You said to me before.
Oh, but since I drank of it
I want IT more and more!
Even running over as
Your holy Scriptures say,
so much that I may share with all
upon the Narrow Way!

Again, I thirst for Who You are
and for the life You bring!
Unto the promise of the Scripture
ever shall I cling!
The only thirst that I desire
is that which You will quench
and, in the very same, my Lord,
request I You to drench!"

The Living Water.  Holy Spirit rain!  The World alive!  There is nothing else like it!!
Being New Year's Eve, what a wonderful time to set our hearts on seeking that which satisfies so many facets of this life!
I'm in.  How about you?

Monday, December 30, 2013

First sight!

What a sight to witness first thing!
The coffee is not even done yet, but there is a

Storm above the hills afar,
approaching are the clouds;
thunders start to roar as if
they were protesting crowds;
lightning bolts unruly, strike
at anything at will,
and in the middle of it all
He whispers "Peace, be still."

The sun is not yet to appear
due the storm to brew...
half the sky yet unaffected,
glorious the blue!
See the person of the Father
as He walks along,
hear the voice of God cry out,
and heavenly His song!

Morning yet again anew,
distinct in many ways.
And unto God Creator is
so many words of praise!
So many are His fingerprints
upon the early dawn;
and so exciting is His proof
there be no time to yawn!

Morning on the rolling land once more.
For a moment, set aside each chore
and SEE the One Who makes the very day:
God the Lord--the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Enjoy the coffee and whatever kind of day is beginning.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas ANEW!

I heard it again several times this season.  I just have to comment on it:

All creation sing...
harmony to ring...
His glories, oh, to ring--
Jesus, Jesus Lord!

All His glory see!
In Him, all things to be!
Christmas jubilee--
Christ, Messiah, Lord!

"Just another Christmas...?"
A statement NEVER true!
Jesus--real and so alive
for anyone...AND YOU!
For He is celebration
at Christmas and ALWAYS!
See the glory...see the jubil...
all throughout the days!

Yes, all creation sing!
Jesus--only King!
Serve Him...love Him...laud...
for He alone is God!

"Just another Christmas..."  I hear it too often, and from the spectrum of age.  If you will make Jesus the center of your Christmas, then nothing will ever be the same again!
Enjoy the NEW life that Jesus is every single day!

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Oh, the world we live in.
In the eyes of this world, motives and rewards are turned upside down from that of the spiritual realm.  What God may punish man for, this world would seem to reward and glorify man for.
It just doesn't seem right...it just doesn't feel right...it just isn't right...

"O make me to surpass the trite;
to dwell where I shall be contrite;
genuine, my motives each."
My heart and soul would thus beseech.

The praises and how they appeal,
the accolades and how they feel,
in perspective let me keep,
lest, Thy heavy hand, I reap.

All of life, all living nigh,
to worship and to glorify
The Person that is really Three;
mine escort thus--Integrity!"

The morals and motives of this world have been turned upside down.  Submitting to God and His ways will keep yours right-side-up.
Can you handle such 'submission?'

Friday, December 27, 2013

Where HE wants!

Living for God means that He has a purpose for you constantly.

Nevermore alone to be!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me,
not only to be at my side
but deep in me to sure abide!
Wherever or whenever I,
my Savior, He will occupy!
I desire ever be
where Christ my Lord desires me!

Jesus, Jesus...ALWAYS!
His Presence is so wonderful!  His touch is so constant!
Give your heart to Him and NEVER accept the "same old...same old..." again!

Monday, December 23, 2013


How can I be emotionless
on such a glorious day?
In spite of what goes on does come
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Snowflakes mix with tears as the
reality sets in:
God, Himself, has come to save
and free us from all sin!

I cannot be emotionless
as tears, unhindered, flow!
O come, ye peoples, KNOW!
Beyond the stress of gifting be
simplicity of Truth-
reality of that which we
have clung to since our youth!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus—
O so beautiful, so real!
Let Christmas come be something you
can live and you can feel!
Let go of all the world gives
and cling to Christ always!
So far beyond mere ‘season’ be
the Truth, the Life, the Way!!

Yes, it is an emotional time…but far greater!  Jesus is here and real even when those emotions are all messed up!
Let your emotions flow during Christmas.  Not the stress of who gets what, but the awe, wonder, spectacle and humility that is as we draw closer to Jesus Christ THE King!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The same question

Christmas again.
The same issues...the same songs...the same questions?

"What Child is this?"  the world cries
yet after all these years.
Will even they accept the Answer
midst unfounded fears?
Jesus, Jesus is this Child!
O say His Name aloud!!
It may not be at all "correct,"
but it is still allowed!

"What Child is this?"  But surely I
have found the Answer living!
Cry out His Name: "JESUS CHRIST!"
the gift that keeps on giving!
Society, though, gives to us
a gift expected not:
the same that Jesus got?

"What Child is this?" the query lives
and all must have reply!
This Child, He is Jesus Christ,
Son of God Most High!
And He is longing to be known
in oh, so many ways--
foremost, as Savior of the soul
and object of our praise!

When you hear that song again with its living question, make sure you have the right Answer already settled!


A quiet, clear evening.  "Silent night, holy night..." is more than just a song from ago, it is quite inclusive of what is seen right now.

Forsaking not assembling
to revel in the sight!
The rationale of jubilation:
holiest of night!
Gathered, too, so far on high,
Heaven's host aglow--
each be yet a wick inside
the Father's palm, you know?

And why be they a-flickering?
Life, it comes about!
They honor yet anew the birth
of One Who is devout!
Shining ever-faithfully
above that peerless night,
even to enlighten us,
this season, to delight!

Oh, but far beyond the season,
Christ remains aglow!
Nor to cease festivities,
blessings to bestow!
Minded of His fervent love
by that which flickers e'er,
commemorating Jesus' birth:
Perfection come to share!

The glory and beauty of creation.  The same is even respectful of The Creator!  Join in and give honor to Jesus the King, born for us this day!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Changing Times?

The bills, they are amassing,
costs are out of hand...
it seems there is no end to the
corruption in the land...
Hope--it seems to lessen with
the passing of each day...
hidden motives in what people
think and do and say...

Different are the times at all
than those so long ago?
They sought the same things as our hearts,
forward yet to go;
One voice, though, to attend;
The Answer--He is yet alive
and closer than a friend!
Yes, Jesus--far above the presents,
greater than the stress!
The greatest thing that we can do
is see who we could bless!
Focus on the goodness that
is dwelling oh, so deep--
emulate His Majesty
for memories to keep!

Jesus is STILL The Answer!
Millenniums later, He still remains THE Catalyst in living and in lives!  Let us not get so caught up in the issues that we miss the whole point of life!
There was a lot going on back then, there is a lot going on right now, the One constant be The Answer: Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Beauty

Again, so very beautiful are the leftovers from last week's storm.
We see them everywhere as we prepare for Jesus' birthday!

Ivory in the morning,
the glory and the glare!
Of atmospheric tyranny,
it seems so unaware.
Peace--it has returned and now
what beauty in the wake!
So much more are the wonders than
the measures we must take.

The chaos before Christmas
for now is in the past.
So glorious, the scenery
but how long will it last?
O celebrate Lord Jesus Christ!
Enjoy, but keep an eye
on that which is yet called for and
the ever-telling sky!

Be careful as you go about today, but don't let anything bridle your celebration of CHRISTMAS! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sweet fellowship!

Oh, what a blessed people we are!  Have we even the slightest clue...

How wonderful be fellowship
with even only God!
As life begins to celebrate
and shower Him with Laud,
God--for He remains Himself,
staying so in touch!
He was, He is, He is to come--
none other merits such!

Yes, wonderful, sweet fellowship
and even at this time!
Hear the music...hear the voices...
oh, the bells to chime
all in honor of The King,
a King like not another!
God Almighty in the flesh...
and closer than a brother!

Fellowship, blest fellowship,
because of Christ the King!
that melody alive availed
to all who enter in:
perfect love, perfect grace,
forgiveness of all sin!"

All glorious, that fellowship
this Season celebrates!
Give glory unto God alone
for all that He creates!

Do not take CHRISTmas for granted!
It is God's gift to us because He loves us so much!

Beautiful NEW Day!

It is so beautiful outside here!
We are so very fortunate to be able to see God on the move as He creates the day.
Can you see it where you are?

Ah, the glory of creation:
winter once more yet!
How many are the memories
today that life will get?
God, Himself, to feed the feeble
in His precious ways,
while I attempt record the sight
in words that bring Him praise...

There is a flock of tiny birds
(whose name I do not know,)
dining on the 'stuff' I threw out
for to melt the snow!
The otters at the bottom of
the property still grind...
but in the fresh of fallen,
entertainment, do I find!
And when the morning rays begin
to reach the waiting land,
the rolling hills begin to glow,
and give the Lord a hand!

Oh, so evident is His response
by living so alive!
All the happy signs of life
with morning to arrive!
Let each of us give Him the same
as we begin the day.
For He is worthy, for He is
the Truth, the Life the Way!

Monday morning again?  NO!  Monday morning ANEW!
Why not see THIS Monday as another GIFT and not just another day?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

O listen to the sound!
But hear it and resound!
Christmas celebration...
oh, savor sweet relation!

"Jesus, Jesus, Happy Birthday!
Lord, we love You so!
We honor You in ways far more
than mortal men may know!
You are worthy of those "things"
that just cannot be bought!
And Jesus, to give You 'too much,'
the same, we just cannot!!

Happy, happy birthday, Jesus...
green and red and white...
In seeing You remain the core,
we take such great delight!
So many the distractions and
the trappings of the day,
but You remain the Reason and
the One and only Way!

Oh Happy Birthday, Jesus, Jesus!
Come, become the cause!
We empty out our hands that we
may give You due applause!
Oh, may we seek to please YOU as
we set aside each list
that "peace on earth, goodwill to men
is foremost to exist!"

It's Jesus' birthday.
We are not to stress out for 30 days and then pay for it for three years!  We are to celebrate Him by loving one another.
How much does that REALLY cost?


Life happens.
It doesn't care what your body says.
It doesn't care what the calendar says.
It doesn't even care what your bank statement says.
But you know what?  GOD CARES!

Elements aloft to cease-
adventure has begun;
12 days yet in front of Them
and obstacles to shun!
The glory of creation glows;
"How far will be today...?"
oh, but savor all the scenery
upon the Narrow Way!

Christmas coming steadily,
let nothing interfere!
Sheer, unbridled happiness,
loved ones coming near!
So many are the issues...oh,
but set them all aside
and enter into celebration
come with Christmastide!

Not even are the elements
allowed to interfere!
Even if the Living Christ
be all that you have near,
enjoy His Presence!  For He is
the only One to last!
Jesus, Jesus-He IS Christmas!
Worship Him at last!!

Already is there possibility that not everyone expected may be here.
Already is it settled that not everyone will get what they want!
But cling to the certainties of Christmas:

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holy One Come!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...the ONLY reason for the season!

Oh, the advent of the One
Who wrought such peace within!
Propitiation is the same
for every kind of sin.
His arrival comes with tidings
"Peace!  Goodwill to men!"
It echoes through the ages, yes,
as timely now as then!

"Oh holy One, through miracle
come forth for every man,
we stand upon the promises
awaiting in Your plan.
As we draw upon the joy
of all that's been fulfilled,
we avail ourselves, oh Lord,
to that which You have willed.
We celebrate You, Jesus!
Our gratitude to raise!
We gather near the Manger with
the hosts to give You praise!
Boldly, then, to scatter with
Your grace to all the earth
with the revelation of
just how much we are worth!"

Jesus Christ come.
Only in Jesus can we know our true worth.  As we celebrate Him for the next few weeks, give Him the glory and attention that He so deserves.  You will receive far more in return than anything someone could "purchase."

Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter Show

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...
He is and was and ever shall be, no matter what the weather does!

Winter be upon the land.
Sunlight would attempt to stand,
but, on a late, December morn
snow clouds all alone be born!
None of them to be 'just talk,'
as evidenced upon the walk
and carried, oh-so-gently, by
the ever-present Norther Sigh.

"Oh winter, entertain us so.
Your wonder we would truly know.
In the blessing...in the blast...
your impression sure be cast!
In giving thanks for everything,
of your glories, all would sing
in the season of The King
Who bringeth life to everything!"

Celebrate The King--JESUS!
Yes, even in the worst of elements, He remains King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
Give Him the honor so due!


The message and the Truth of Christmas is ringing out...

HALLELUJAH!  Hear the bells!
The time, it is at hand!
Oh, the many evergreens
accentuate the land;
here, upon the hill, do I,
the scape, so freely scan...
His advent to ponder:
Son of God, Son of man.

Hallelujah!  Hear the verses
of the choirs all!
Even from the holy heights
such melody to fall!
Wishing yet another
"Happy Birthday" to the Son-
Him to Whom we cede "Lord,
not our wills but Yours be done!

Hallelujah!  Hear the concert
honoring The King!
Listen close and harmonize-
a joyful noise to ring!
See the Reason for the season
with the sight within
and you will see the Father's Gift
to liberate all men!

So many are the distractions of the day.  Don't let them!  Stand fast and focus of the truth of JESUS as you go about the days!

Attempt #1

The snowplow came by early this a.m.
Almost everything in town has been cancelled for the day, so we thought we would go to McD's for some breakfast.
I took the shovel and destroyed the snowplow's artwork at the end of the driveway.  We crawled out to the highway.  Yuk!  This is worst than I thought. 62 is usually a lot better in these situations.  We'll try anyway.
We drive about 500 yards.  Forget this!  The ice is even thicker over the hill!
U-turn in the middle of the highway, back to the house for oatmeal.
Thank You, Lord, that we still have electricity.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Simple Afternoon

Smoke, so slowly rising from
the neighbor burning leaves,
distracting from the icicles
dripping from the eaves...
another Ozark afternoon
before the equinox,
before is winter to approach
with its many shocks!

The cardinal and the robin dine
where I have scattered seed...
(though the Father tends to them,
I like to intercede;)
and over at that feeder with
the grain to overflow,
the squirrel and the chipmunk are
to put on quite a show.

Oh, the blest simplicity,
this afternoon, to reign.
For I take great delight in that
which most consider "plain,"
as I am shown, without a doubt,
His loving, caring touch
that is so real in everything,
so very, very much!

Simple afternoon.
Nothing complicated...just "life goes on."  But it is life that usually goes on quite unnoticed! 
Did you see it?  Can you see it?
Do you have time to even look?

Silent Morning

Here it comes...
The radio is blasting about it...the t.v. is trying to explain it...but nothing can prevent it...WINTER!
And three weeks early...(according to the calendar!)
Town will now be scrambling to acquire necessary supplies...
All types of people suddenly turn into just two types: those who help and those who don't.  (Fortunately, there are more that want to help out than the ones who only seek to take advantage.)
During this season, make sure you keep an eye on your neighbor, he may need your help more than you think.

Silence on the land again.  This time, however, not even the song of birds to exist.  No whisper...  nothing to disturb the branches...nothing to rustle the brush...nothing to bring about that well-known term "Wind Chill Factor."  The only movement to be seen is in the eastern sky, approaching faster than it appears, travelling far beyond it's own sound; and, save for the vapor trail, I probably would not be aware of that jet at all until it is behind me!  But the words flow...

     Silence on the land again
     stillness also to attend
     before is come the winter storm-
     December in its truest form!
     Icicles, oh, to glisten bright
     in the rays before the fright!
     Entertainment very free:
     the silent morning--blessed be!

No matter what the forecast is, try to make the most of life.  Even in the fury of the storm, the fingerprints of Creator God are very evident!

That Blessed Story

That time of year...
Just another "story" told at this time?

The magnitude of mercy,
the gravity of grace...
the scope of His salvation
but daily I to face.
In labor and in letter,
reward to sure remain
from the Christ of Calvary--
Receiver of the stain.

The God of all creation,
reduced unto a man,
obedient unto the Father's
One redemption plan!
Not only blind obedience
but passion without peer!
Enthroned in glory, yet He chose
to die for evil here.

Oh, the "old, old story..."
but everyday anew
because He is alive and seen
in what we say and do.
Let us be sure our labors
so emulate The Son
that His life would be born again
in one by one by one...

But it's MORE than 'just a story...!"  IT IS LIFE!!!
Jesus Christ is alive inside of all of us who have been born again.
Let us be sure that it is Him that others see in us as we live this life that He gives.
You are being watched.  I am being watched.  WE are being watched by desperate people!


Oh, the hope to which we cling, during the holidays...and always!

Encouraged and inspired,
empowered to go on
just by looking out the window
on this winter dawn...
the Maker of the season and
the sights that fill my view,
He comes to me and causes hope
and prospect to renew!
For He is God Creator and
a new song does He bring!
He places verses in the heart
and causes me to sing.
No matter what the day looks like
or how life may appear,
He helps me realize the good
which none can interfere!

The day may witness trouble and
the weather may be cross,
but clinging to the Maker ensures
all will be not loss!
Catastrophe at hand may be
but God is far more great!
I follow hard His hand and know
that, soon, we'll celebrate!

Is your day looking that way?
Did it start out good and then go south?
If you belong to Him, remember that He has each of your steps ordered...regardless!!
Pause at the start and recognize His signature in as many places as you can.  You can even see Jesus' Presence on display as you go about this time of year.  Draw from that Presence as you go about the day.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Soon

In the stillness...in the silence...

Walking slowly in the solitude
on Prairie Lane...
Scarce is my vocabulary
able to explain!
The aspen on mine either side-
so very tall to grow-
bid autumntide "Adieu" as they
emit a golden glow!
All the other members of
the sentinels around
are making preparations for
the time to soon be found.
All of them to shed their glory
save the evergreen,
the only ones to weather that
which may not be serene!

Oh, the beauty and the wonder
as it comes to pass.
All of it a blessed reminder
to a hurried mass
of blessings of simplicity,
of gifts without a cost,
of reaping treasures with the eyes
before the moment's lost.

The tail-end of autumn.
The vestiges of one glory making way for another.
See and know the proof of His Presence...even in the wonders of creation!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Blessed Vision

In chapter 60 of Isaiah, we are minded of so many promises...all started with a Baby in a stable...

Arise, shine, a Light is come...
So humble, in a manger, born...
adoration now to know,
but, soon, such ridicule and scorn!
Royalty to seek Him out,
with glory and with gift to laud!
All the host of Heaven shout
and celebrate the Son of God!

So much more than a 'season' nigh!
More than 'festivities' at hand!
Much greater be His radiance
than that which so adorns the land!
And greater be the gift He brings
than anything that man can give:
the birth of Him--the Father's Gift--
once to die and e'er to live!

Finally, the Living Word,
come that man no more may die!
In solace and humility,
beneath the stars, for now, to lie;
"Enjoy Thy peace, so heavenly,
before the toil and trial 'yond,
and mind us of the glories, Lord,
awaiting when Thy cloak be donned!"

A blessed vision indeed.
See it with me as we begin to celebrate His birth.  See it clearly above the commercial that so seeks to steal Him away!
Christmas is Jesus Christ!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

That Child!

"Jesus Christ!"
Celebrate Him with me!!

"What Child is this?"  I hear the song
cut through the silent night.
The heart of me to sing the same
and out of sheer delight!
"I KNOW THAT CHILD!" and I join them
to join that glory song!
Unto that Child, alive and well,
securely I belong!

"Jesus, Jesus--holy child,
but God--so good and great!!
Once again, the world stops
to pause and celebrate!
You are worthy, Jesus Lord,
of all our celebration!
No greater Gift is to exist
than our divine relation!"

What Child is this...
While the world continues to debate and even deny, I celebrate and enjoy that holy Child and the new life that He is!
Join me, won't you, in continuing to glorify Jesus Christ alone...even during the holidays?