Sunday, November 17, 2013

What's that sound...

Voices, voices without number,
hear them as they cry...
Tears, the tears yet being shed,
oh, will they ever dry?
"If they would but just turn to God,
all persecution cease!"
The same, His very servants be,
and furthering increase.
The persecuted are they, them
that gather in the rain...
that pray as shots ring out next door...
that meet in spite of pain...
the faithful--them that congregate
and sing without a sound
in spite of sight that is no more,
and chords appearing bound!

The Church...His Church it is!
So glorious, so very real!
It isn't how I think it is-
so very raw, the feel!
"O show me, teach me, move me, Lord,
to love them as I should,
and pray for them without restraint,
all for the common good."

It does them good to keep them close at heart.
It does ME good to keep them close at heart!
It does the heart of God good to see us care for one another. 
What does that care entail?  Far more than we as Americans care to contemplate.
Can you hear the voices?  But I KNOW the answer to that!!
How will you respond to the voices?
How will WE respond to the voices?

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