Sunday, November 24, 2013

This faulty shell...

I cannot hurts so much...again.

The pain--it is intense, I cannot yield.
For there is much reward that's yet concealed.
I will endure the temporary things
obtaining the eternal that it brings!
For Him Whom I serve with abounding joy,
all of these woes and trials will destroy
when He returns to claim His very known--
for there, will our reward, in full, be known!!

I know I am not alone as I pen these words.  For they are a collaboration of statements that I not only hear throughout the week, but a few of them are my own--for it DOES hurt!
But we truly know One who is greater than our pain, greater than our deepest utterances...and His promises are Yea and Amen!
Trust Him with us, won't you?  For He IS able to completely heal...and He WILL--whether in this life or the next!
Keep pressing on.  For GREAT is your reward!

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