Saturday, November 16, 2013

That sensitive location...

Alone again...
Intimate again with One...

"O God, have mercy on me please!
I am a wicked man!
O make Your ways to be in me-
all wickedness to ban!
I am not my own as, Your
dependence, I to learn;
there is so much inside of me
that constantly must turn!

Nothing I to boast in as
I look into Your face...
everything in You as You
abolish my disgrace!
O God, so very good to me
when man would yet condemn...
the virtues of unfailing love-
I boast in each of them!

Forgiven, Lord, and justified
in You, in You alone.
Oh God, I give myself away-
for I am not my own!
But God, Almighty God, You take me,
owning all of me;
and there, in such relationship,
Your mercies I to see!

'There, in such relationship...'
Have you been there?  Do you even want to be that close to God Himself?!  It is a scary location...but He will not harm you.
Get that close!
It's wonderful!

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