Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful without end!

"Thankful" once again and always,
grateful from so deep!
More than just a "holiday"
said gratitude to keep!
So very many articles,
but far, far more than "things!"
That melody of gratitude
continually so rings!

"Thanksgiving" on horizon,
the same already here.
And I discuss it with the One
that, always, I have near.
He is Jesus.  He's the One
that causes celebration:
I have what I have because
of our secure relation!

Thankful--once and constantly we're blessed!
"GOD IS GENEROUS!"  I can attest!!
Center of our thankful celebration,
and thankful are we for such great relation!

Join me in that celebration, won't you?
God is the generous Giver of all that my verses contain!  There is no limit to His supply.  He knows what we need and when.  It is a whole 'nuther life to trust Him completely!

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