Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful Today!

So much to be thankful for!  Where do I start...

Watching as the sprinkles turn to ice--
that element of beauty...not so nice!
Praying that the damage would be NONE!
The spectacle I witness with The Son.

Jesus, right here with me through it all.
For He was here, before my early call.
And through the window we see fortunes turn
as falling is that 'water' most would spurn.

"Lord, let there be no damage from it all.
Please let there be no one to slip and fall.
Please safely, Lord, help all get home tonight
and, somehow, from the storm, provide delight."

Thanksgiving, but a few more days away.
But so much to be thankful for today!
Thankful most we have a God Who cares,
and listens to and answers all our prayers!

Don't forget to be thankful today.  Every one of us has something, (or MANY things!) to be thankful for.  If you can't think of any, thank God with me that He continues to give me these words to share with the world.  For I could not do it without Him, His inspiration and direction.

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