Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankful even more!

What a glorious morning!
As your day begins, what is it that you are grateful for...and can others sense it?

So grateful that I may behold
the sun upon the rise
in the silence, in the stillness
of the autumn skies
beholding it with God Creator-
Him Who is so wise...
Thanksgiving--it is more than just a day!

And with a heart of gratitude
a song, my song I bring.
There is so very, very much
about which I can sing!
Creator God, His Majesty,
that melody causing;
but Thanksgiving--it is more than just a song!

And with that heart of gratitude
I set out in my day
that others, they may see the reasons
that I feel this way
and glorify the One Who gives--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Yes, Thanksgiving is a total way of life!

As you go about your day, live it in such a way that it will be a blessing to others and that they may know Who it is that makes you so thankful!
Jesus Christ.  He occupies the heart and causes us to exude His ways.

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