Thursday, November 28, 2013

Seeing is receiving!

Am I more thankful than you?
I don't know.
Am I more blessed than you?
That depends on what you consider "blessings"
There is so much to be thankful for...and not just on "Thanksgiving Day!"
Of course I have words of gratitude to share.  For that is what He calls me to do.  And those that He "calls" He will equip.
Look with me on this morning...

Captured in the earliest-
a hole in the sky.
Many rays are scrambling,
the sights to amplify!
A welcome sight, the frequent showers
that have been for days;
savor each of them as God
receives His worthy praise!
Praise Him for the water that
refreshes and restores!
Praise Him for the living light
that shines through Heaven's doors!
Praise Him for the lesson His great
wonder to reveal!
Praise to the One affecting all
we see and think and feel!

So beautiful, so glorious,
so resident in all!
So high and holy, yet so present
every time I call!
Creator God, so good, so great;
oh, live for Him always!
The same--a certain guarantee
that blessed will be the days!

Thankful?  Oh yes!  Very much so!  Thankful today that I can see the glory of His creation...a pleasure denied to many!
Be thankful with me and enjoy the true meaning of this day.

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