Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oh, what a beautiful morning?

It all depends on your outlook...

Once again, morning-
24 more chances
His wonderments to see!
These hours are the very first
of many winter storm,
the gray...the black...the evergreen...
the absence of the warm.
But then the Presence of the Lord,
regardless of the day!
The glory of the elements
so come to life His way!
God--Creator God--so very
subtle, very bold,
even in the 'ugliest,'
even in the cold!

God, Creator God,
the Bringer of the day.
We must accept the day and live it,
knowing it's His way
and seek to know the blessing that
awaits us ALL the time!
So glorious the morning-
what memories to climb!

What memories...each day has them.
What will you choose to recall about yours?

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