Friday, November 22, 2013

My prayer

Above the carpet that November's made...
above the light, so early, then to fade...
even over temporary shroud,
there is Something silent, oh so loud!
Creator God--so present on the rise
once more busy with His each surprise!
And what shall be the order of the day?
Anything and all that He would say!

Another gift, created with such care,
wrapped as "The Present" does He come to share.
And them that see the same and will believe,
a most wonderful of day will they receive!
The present--oh so beautiful at first-
life, so very solemn, unrehearsed...
Know Him in the earliest anew,
He longs to share such wonderment with you!

"Good morning, Father God.
In Jesus' Name I come to You, with a heart filled with thanks for Who You are, and for the glory of Your creation before my eyes!
Thank You for what I see, and for the constant realization of Who You are...where You are...and for what You are in all of my world.
Lord, I ask that You bless all them that are reading these words with the same realization the same Presence that I am enjoying right now. 
I know that You are with me, please help them to know that You are with them, too.
I know that You have my steps ordered for today.  Please help them to know that assurance for their lives as they turn to You.
Thank You for hearing my prayers.
Thank You for answering my prayers.
For I ask this in the Name of Your Son Jesus,

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