Saturday, November 9, 2013


Walking along...kicking at the rocks...

All alone, wandering
the wilderness once more...
being in that  place that I
so often would abhor...
"I cannot see the point in I this!"
"What is this place about?!"
Though I am bidden "Peace, be still,"
I want to scream and shout!

Alone again?  "Never," 
His assurance to remind...
This He tells me as His eyes,
once more, affix to mine...
This He tells me as He holds me
in His firm embrace...
this He tells me as I'm bathed
in sure, eternal grace!

In the Lord, never is there
truth unto "alone,"
it only is a temporary
'feeling' that be known.
And He is even going through
the valley at your side!
Know that He is omnipresent
and, in Him, abide!

Jesus is so good.
Jesus is so present!
No matter how alone you 'feel,' you ain't!!  Jesus is right there, walking beside you, listening...
Tell Him how you feel.  He can handle ANYTHING you say to Him...and He can help!

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