Friday, November 8, 2013


The season shouts at the writer again...

Beyond the autumn colors,
attractive and alive...
beyond the changing season,
for certain to arrive...
beyond the sounds and scents that are
so welcome at this time,
Father God is here and He's
inviting us to climb!
No matter where we are, He has
a level just above.
He will not leave us where we are
because of His great love!
He made the very glory we
enjoy upon the land,
but He has made another place,
more altogether grand!
And there, the glory of it all,
it has another glow!
And it is for the fortunate
in Him to undergo!
Know the autumn season and
the shades so very bright
by walking through it with The One
Who makes it with delight!

The one thing missing from this afternoon's walk: subtlety!
So very bold and beautiful is this November day that I cannot help but walk through it holding His hand!
Join me, won't you?

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