Saturday, November 30, 2013


So blessed to see the land today.
So fortunate to have sight at all...even after the storm...

Autumn in the vision to retire...
soft and subtle, each nuance of sight
along the river, on this day just higher
due to the occurrences of night!
The storm of yesternight, it came and went;
so many, though, the signatures remaining;
morning to reveal its every vent:
far more than mere breezes and some raining!

Autumn in the vision He created,
Him Who knows all things that will occur.
All of living, to Him, celebrated
no matter what will be or things that were!
Regardless what the storm has left behind,
somewhere is His signature so clear.
Somewhere, somehow His grace is to find,
if we would stay alert residing here.

Yes, even though the storm came and went, I find myself counting my blessings, realizing there is far more to be grateful for than whatever may have been lost or damaged.
Can you do the same with the storms in your life?
Relationship with Jesus makes it possible.

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