Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Attempt

Look!  Out the window!
Quick, grab a pen...

A constant shower is the rain
of autumn in my sight!
The early rays illuminate
each fallen with delight!
This time, it's mid-November, and
the season's running late!
The scope of color, though, to make it
all the more so great!

"Thank You, Lord, for greeting me
so early on this day
with colors of the spectrum
You alone display!
Green to red to gold to brown
to green to red to gold...
endless be Your glory in
the season to behold!"

In the splendor of the morning
everything is still
save the ever-constancy
of leaves to waft at will.
Again, the highest of adjectives
to tease the willing pen
in attempt to capture sight
and transfer it to men!

Attempting again to record autumn.
Realizing, again, that I am barely equipped...

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