Saturday, November 30, 2013


So blessed to see the land today.
So fortunate to have sight at all...even after the storm...

Autumn in the vision to retire...
soft and subtle, each nuance of sight
along the river, on this day just higher
due to the occurrences of night!
The storm of yesternight, it came and went;
so many, though, the signatures remaining;
morning to reveal its every vent:
far more than mere breezes and some raining!

Autumn in the vision He created,
Him Who knows all things that will occur.
All of living, to Him, celebrated
no matter what will be or things that were!
Regardless what the storm has left behind,
somewhere is His signature so clear.
Somewhere, somehow His grace is to find,
if we would stay alert residing here.

Yes, even though the storm came and went, I find myself counting my blessings, realizing there is far more to be grateful for than whatever may have been lost or damaged.
Can you do the same with the storms in your life?
Relationship with Jesus makes it possible.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Seeing is receiving!

Am I more thankful than you?
I don't know.
Am I more blessed than you?
That depends on what you consider "blessings"
There is so much to be thankful for...and not just on "Thanksgiving Day!"
Of course I have words of gratitude to share.  For that is what He calls me to do.  And those that He "calls" He will equip.
Look with me on this morning...

Captured in the earliest-
a hole in the sky.
Many rays are scrambling,
the sights to amplify!
A welcome sight, the frequent showers
that have been for days;
savor each of them as God
receives His worthy praise!
Praise Him for the water that
refreshes and restores!
Praise Him for the living light
that shines through Heaven's doors!
Praise Him for the lesson His great
wonder to reveal!
Praise to the One affecting all
we see and think and feel!

So beautiful, so glorious,
so resident in all!
So high and holy, yet so present
every time I call!
Creator God, so good, so great;
oh, live for Him always!
The same--a certain guarantee
that blessed will be the days!

Thankful?  Oh yes!  Very much so!  Thankful today that I can see the glory of His creation...a pleasure denied to many!
Be thankful with me and enjoy the true meaning of this day.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankful even more!

What a glorious morning!
As your day begins, what is it that you are grateful for...and can others sense it?

So grateful that I may behold
the sun upon the rise
in the silence, in the stillness
of the autumn skies
beholding it with God Creator-
Him Who is so wise...
Thanksgiving--it is more than just a day!

And with a heart of gratitude
a song, my song I bring.
There is so very, very much
about which I can sing!
Creator God, His Majesty,
that melody causing;
but Thanksgiving--it is more than just a song!

And with that heart of gratitude
I set out in my day
that others, they may see the reasons
that I feel this way
and glorify the One Who gives--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Yes, Thanksgiving is a total way of life!

As you go about your day, live it in such a way that it will be a blessing to others and that they may know Who it is that makes you so thankful!
Jesus Christ.  He occupies the heart and causes us to exude His ways.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful without end!

"Thankful" once again and always,
grateful from so deep!
More than just a "holiday"
said gratitude to keep!
So very many articles,
but far, far more than "things!"
That melody of gratitude
continually so rings!

"Thanksgiving" on horizon,
the same already here.
And I discuss it with the One
that, always, I have near.
He is Jesus.  He's the One
that causes celebration:
I have what I have because
of our secure relation!

Thankful--once and constantly we're blessed!
"GOD IS GENEROUS!"  I can attest!!
Center of our thankful celebration,
and thankful are we for such great relation!

Join me in that celebration, won't you?
God is the generous Giver of all that my verses contain!  There is no limit to His supply.  He knows what we need and when.  It is a whole 'nuther life to trust Him completely!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful Today!

So much to be thankful for!  Where do I start...

Watching as the sprinkles turn to ice--
that element of beauty...not so nice!
Praying that the damage would be NONE!
The spectacle I witness with The Son.

Jesus, right here with me through it all.
For He was here, before my early call.
And through the window we see fortunes turn
as falling is that 'water' most would spurn.

"Lord, let there be no damage from it all.
Please let there be no one to slip and fall.
Please safely, Lord, help all get home tonight
and, somehow, from the storm, provide delight."

Thanksgiving, but a few more days away.
But so much to be thankful for today!
Thankful most we have a God Who cares,
and listens to and answers all our prayers!

Don't forget to be thankful today.  Every one of us has something, (or MANY things!) to be thankful for.  If you can't think of any, thank God with me that He continues to give me these words to share with the world.  For I could not do it without Him, His inspiration and direction.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

This faulty shell...

I cannot hurts so much...again.

The pain--it is intense, I cannot yield.
For there is much reward that's yet concealed.
I will endure the temporary things
obtaining the eternal that it brings!
For Him Whom I serve with abounding joy,
all of these woes and trials will destroy
when He returns to claim His very known--
for there, will our reward, in full, be known!!

I know I am not alone as I pen these words.  For they are a collaboration of statements that I not only hear throughout the week, but a few of them are my own--for it DOES hurt!
But we truly know One who is greater than our pain, greater than our deepest utterances...and His promises are Yea and Amen!
Trust Him with us, won't you?  For He IS able to completely heal...and He WILL--whether in this life or the next!
Keep pressing on.  For GREAT is your reward!

Friday, November 22, 2013

My prayer

Above the carpet that November's made...
above the light, so early, then to fade...
even over temporary shroud,
there is Something silent, oh so loud!
Creator God--so present on the rise
once more busy with His each surprise!
And what shall be the order of the day?
Anything and all that He would say!

Another gift, created with such care,
wrapped as "The Present" does He come to share.
And them that see the same and will believe,
a most wonderful of day will they receive!
The present--oh so beautiful at first-
life, so very solemn, unrehearsed...
Know Him in the earliest anew,
He longs to share such wonderment with you!

"Good morning, Father God.
In Jesus' Name I come to You, with a heart filled with thanks for Who You are, and for the glory of Your creation before my eyes!
Thank You for what I see, and for the constant realization of Who You are...where You are...and for what You are in all of my world.
Lord, I ask that You bless all them that are reading these words with the same realization the same Presence that I am enjoying right now. 
I know that You are with me, please help them to know that You are with them, too.
I know that You have my steps ordered for today.  Please help them to know that assurance for their lives as they turn to You.
Thank You for hearing my prayers.
Thank You for answering my prayers.
For I ask this in the Name of Your Son Jesus,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oh, what a beautiful morning?

It all depends on your outlook...

Once again, morning-
24 more chances
His wonderments to see!
These hours are the very first
of many winter storm,
the gray...the black...the evergreen...
the absence of the warm.
But then the Presence of the Lord,
regardless of the day!
The glory of the elements
so come to life His way!
God--Creator God--so very
subtle, very bold,
even in the 'ugliest,'
even in the cold!

God, Creator God,
the Bringer of the day.
We must accept the day and live it,
knowing it's His way
and seek to know the blessing that
awaits us ALL the time!
So glorious the morning-
what memories to climb!

What memories...each day has them.
What will you choose to recall about yours?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What's that sound...

Voices, voices without number,
hear them as they cry...
Tears, the tears yet being shed,
oh, will they ever dry?
"If they would but just turn to God,
all persecution cease!"
The same, His very servants be,
and furthering increase.
The persecuted are they, them
that gather in the rain...
that pray as shots ring out next door...
that meet in spite of pain...
the faithful--them that congregate
and sing without a sound
in spite of sight that is no more,
and chords appearing bound!

The Church...His Church it is!
So glorious, so very real!
It isn't how I think it is-
so very raw, the feel!
"O show me, teach me, move me, Lord,
to love them as I should,
and pray for them without restraint,
all for the common good."

It does them good to keep them close at heart.
It does ME good to keep them close at heart!
It does the heart of God good to see us care for one another. 
What does that care entail?  Far more than we as Americans care to contemplate.
Can you hear the voices?  But I KNOW the answer to that!!
How will you respond to the voices?
How will WE respond to the voices?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

That sensitive location...

Alone again...
Intimate again with One...

"O God, have mercy on me please!
I am a wicked man!
O make Your ways to be in me-
all wickedness to ban!
I am not my own as, Your
dependence, I to learn;
there is so much inside of me
that constantly must turn!

Nothing I to boast in as
I look into Your face...
everything in You as You
abolish my disgrace!
O God, so very good to me
when man would yet condemn...
the virtues of unfailing love-
I boast in each of them!

Forgiven, Lord, and justified
in You, in You alone.
Oh God, I give myself away-
for I am not my own!
But God, Almighty God, You take me,
owning all of me;
and there, in such relationship,
Your mercies I to see!

'There, in such relationship...'
Have you been there?  Do you even want to be that close to God Himself?!  It is a scary location...but He will not harm you.
Get that close!
It's wonderful!

Friday, November 15, 2013


If you recall, there were no 'Words' from me yesterday.  Usually, this is due to health reasons.  Not yesterday.
Along with a few 'duties' of a normal day, I had the PRIVILEGE of feting my wife with due honor for 32 years of marriage!
Normally, on such occasion, one says "Where has the time gone?"  I know where it went!  It went into LIVING a wonderful life with the woman I married!  I AM SO BLESSED!
No, I did not take the time to send out 'Words' yesterday because, with what my memory is doing, I want to spend all the time I can with her!
Thank you, honey, for 32 wonderful years!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Can you say that to the God that you serve?
God is Someone more than just to ask to bless your food!
God is more than Someone to turn to in disaster!
God is everywhere, always, everything...and He has whatever you need whenever.

Oh God, my Father God, for You
are all we ever need!
In You, in Your salvation
we are living, we are freed!
So safe inside Your boundaries
You keep us, Lord, secure;
when we submit to You, oh Lord,
for surely we endure!
Endurance for the task ahead
that, constantly, we meet...
endurance for the vast barrage
that comes as we compete...
endurance that will know fruition
as we rise with You!
Jesus Christ, our Victory-

Oh God, my Father God, You are,
You are mine all-in-all!
I do not have to wonder--I'm
secure inside Your call!
Keep me, keep me as I serve
and tell, Lord, every one
the joy of Your salvation and'
the wonders You have done!

Let Him be what He needs to be in ALL of your life!
That's how much He loves you!  (Even you!)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veteran's Day, 2013

Once again, opportunity
to recognize the champions that be.
I can thank all veterans that be
'cause I can write in peace and liberty!
Heroes are they, each and every one.
When the call came in, they got it done!
No matter the assignment, off they went!
And God was with them, e'er where they were sent!

Each deployment, varying so great...
unto the task, your all did you relate!
And we remaining glorify you now
for doing all you could unto the vow!
Your actions for to benefit the most...
so many the results for which you boast!
Yet once again, our gratitude, we voice;
because of you does liberty rejoice!

Thank you, veterans! 
I appreciate all that you have done.
WE appreciate all that you have done.
You are in our prayers today and always as we ask God to reward you for all that you have done, all that you have been through, and, for some, all that you continue to go through.
God heal you.  God protect you.  God reward you.

Another Attempt

Look!  Out the window!
Quick, grab a pen...

A constant shower is the rain
of autumn in my sight!
The early rays illuminate
each fallen with delight!
This time, it's mid-November, and
the season's running late!
The scope of color, though, to make it
all the more so great!

"Thank You, Lord, for greeting me
so early on this day
with colors of the spectrum
You alone display!
Green to red to gold to brown
to green to red to gold...
endless be Your glory in
the season to behold!"

In the splendor of the morning
everything is still
save the ever-constancy
of leaves to waft at will.
Again, the highest of adjectives
to tease the willing pen
in attempt to capture sight
and transfer it to men!

Attempting again to record autumn.
Realizing, again, that I am barely equipped...

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Walking along...kicking at the rocks...

All alone, wandering
the wilderness once more...
being in that  place that I
so often would abhor...
"I cannot see the point in I this!"
"What is this place about?!"
Though I am bidden "Peace, be still,"
I want to scream and shout!

Alone again?  "Never," 
His assurance to remind...
This He tells me as His eyes,
once more, affix to mine...
This He tells me as He holds me
in His firm embrace...
this He tells me as I'm bathed
in sure, eternal grace!

In the Lord, never is there
truth unto "alone,"
it only is a temporary
'feeling' that be known.
And He is even going through
the valley at your side!
Know that He is omnipresent
and, in Him, abide!

Jesus is so good.
Jesus is so present!
No matter how alone you 'feel,' you ain't!!  Jesus is right there, walking beside you, listening...
Tell Him how you feel.  He can handle ANYTHING you say to Him...and He can help!

Friday, November 8, 2013


The season shouts at the writer again...

Beyond the autumn colors,
attractive and alive...
beyond the changing season,
for certain to arrive...
beyond the sounds and scents that are
so welcome at this time,
Father God is here and He's
inviting us to climb!
No matter where we are, He has
a level just above.
He will not leave us where we are
because of His great love!
He made the very glory we
enjoy upon the land,
but He has made another place,
more altogether grand!
And there, the glory of it all,
it has another glow!
And it is for the fortunate
in Him to undergo!
Know the autumn season and
the shades so very bright
by walking through it with The One
Who makes it with delight!

The one thing missing from this afternoon's walk: subtlety!
So very bold and beautiful is this November day that I cannot help but walk through it holding His hand!
Join me, won't you?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekly Wonder

Monday morning.
Look out the window!

"How many are the colors?" 
Once again the morning query.
Of all that He's designed, but say,
can anyone be wary?
The same not only mesmerizing
that one with a pen,
but even to seduce him from
his duties once again?

Lost in love for His creation
easy to become!
Drawn to tasks impossible
like recognizing sum!
"The glory of the autumn to
accompany, not lead!"
I must I must repeat this stern reminder
His lone will to heed!

How easy it is to get absorbed in the glory of His creation.
If you are like me, it is TOO easy to let the duties slide by just by enjoying His touch!
Balance.  There must be balance...even in that which is 'good.'