Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welcome Call

(This was written many years ago, so don't panic!  I share these words because, too often, such tribute goes unsaid, and my mom is certainly worth it!)

Lying in the hospital...all alone...(so it seems.)

Down upon my back again,
the telephone, it rings.
Immediately knowing who,
my spirit brightly sings!
Yea, the heart and soul of me
are surely to rejoice
in the sweet assurance of
my mother's gentle voice!

I have the omnipresence of
the Father up above...
I have the grace of Jesus, the
epitome of love!
I have the Holy Spirit to
empower from on high,
but, too, I treasure anything
from her who bore me nigh!

No one to replace the one
with that maternal touch.
A very blessed gift from Him
Who loves me oh, so much!
Nothing of this earth to match
the comfort of her speech;
so very able is my mom,
inside my self, to reach!

Yes, so very blessed I am!  Blessed to not just have my mother, but to have a wonderful relationship with her.  Though many miles separate us, nothing will ever come between!
I certainly pray that each of you have such with your mother!

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