Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The glory of His creation again to seize...

Waking in a fog-
what early morning mist!
Wherever would the river run
is vapor to exist.
Barely up above it all
upon the mountainside.
every sense to be aware
and gently amplified.

Waking in His Presence-
Creator God Most High!
Escorting me as I behold
His wonder with the eye!
So beautiful, His touch upon
the living and the land...
O celebrate the glory touch
of His artistic hand!

Waking in whatever-
God, for He is here!
Everything about Him, it is
'come so very clear!
Notice Him, acknowledge Him-
Life alive is He;
Creator God...Loving God...
but everywhere to be!

The splendor of His touch upon every sight.
The glory of His creation at first light.
At first light?  BUT HE IS LIGHT!
Give Him the praise so due His glory and majesty as you begin your day.

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