Wednesday, October 30, 2013


"Thank You, Father, for this most wonderful time You've provided called 'today.'  It is like nothing I have ever experienced before!  So fresh!  So new!  So memorable!
It is not like yesterday, for yesterday is gone!  And who am I to assume that it will be like 'tomorrow?'  First, no one knows the 'morrow' save Him Who creates it.  Second, I have no guarantee whatsoever that I will even be allowed to experience 'tomorrow!'
All I have is 'today.'  And all that I can do with 'today' is enjoy it.
Shall I complain about It?
Shall I murmur about what is not to be?
Shall I allow that over which I have no control control those things which I can?  Certainly not!
As with so many of the wonders of You, I will get out of it what I put into it.  If I put into it praise, thanksgiving, joy and optimism, the same shall I reap.  If I look upon it with dread and fear, so the same shall be.
Oh but God, I accept the gift of You called "Today" with full knowledge that all that it contains is ordained of You, and that there is nothing herein contained that You and I, together, cannot handle!
I love You, and I will use this blessed gift for Your glory!

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