Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Bells of Heaven

Listen...again.  This time with the heart...

Oh, the bells of Heaven! 
Ever-brightly do they toll!
Striking with resounding joy
the chords within my soul!
A comfort in my trial,
encouragement the same,
but this day be the notes of joy
to fan that living flame!

The very bells of Heaven, oh,
with gladness I attend!
For there, enthroned in glory,
the Supernal I call 'Friend!'
He is the blest Composer of
that melody I know,
the one that so accompanies
wherever I should go!

Hear the bells of Heaven, I say,
listen and perceive!
The Striker of the Bell would so
command you to believe!
For soon will come the day when those
of earth shall no more hear.
Oh take that step that's sure to keep
the bells of Heaven near!

Know Jesus as your personal Savior.
Ask Him to be Your Lord and live in your heart.
That's the only way to guarantee Heaven as your future residence, and to enjoy the comforts of His Presence until that day occurs!

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