Thursday, October 10, 2013

That God Song!

When God calls you into a time of peace, a moment of rest, go with Him!  He knows what He is doing.

"You are, You are the first song I will
sing, Lord, in the day!
I have to glorify You before
I go on my way!
The glory and the wonderment,
oh Father, that You are
I have to get a grip on so that
I can go that far.

So new and so, so wonderful,
the living melody
so vast and so, so valuable
as You come startle me!
Sing to me as I sing to You,
Lord, and join that song
to reach unto the uttermost,
inviting them 'Belong!'"

That song, that song so glorious
beginning each new day!
Every verse, another of
His glories to convey!
Sing with me, oh, sing with me
that you, too, will receive
the wonders, oh, so free unto
the chosen who believe!

Yes, sing with me!  God wants to hear your voice just as much as He wants to hear mine!  And He wants to enjoy it with you, even when it is only you!

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