Monday, October 14, 2013

Out the window...

The chores are done...creation is calling!

I stand before the glass and gaze
at several lonesome pine
down upon the valley, 'yond
the boundary of mine...
silence shall not hinder all
of nature to rejoice-
there be a blest cacophony
without a single voice!

How far be the horizon...
how deep the valley low...
how high the heavens yonder...
will e'er I come to know?
How stand the mighty timber
I have within my sight?
Oh, and please reveal the wonder of
that eagle in his flight!

Oh dare I even ponder that
of which I prior spoke?
Would He, my reason and my vision,
in return, revoke?
But nay!  The One Who walks and talks
with me comes to this man
with revelation ever-fresh
as I, the valley, scan...

The glory of His creation, His mighty handiwork...
Take full advantage of the time that You have to behold the wonder of God!

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