Wednesday, October 2, 2013

His Word...Again!

So living...the Word of God!

How deep, how wide, how weighty is
the Power of His Word!
Page to page...line to line...
seen and felt and heard!
Even word to word to bring
another truth to living!
In His Word, there to receive
the Life that He is giving!

How weighty...
can you handle such a thought?
He knows right where to send me to
address each care I've got!
And even if it's but a verse
containing words so few,
He uses that one passage for
to make this life anew!

There is no way of measuring,
in full, the Word of God.
No other living 'thing' has been
so accurate, unflawed!
Thus, we know, it's Truth for every
situation here.
Stand upon His Living Word
and boldly persevere!

So was the advice that we gave the young man last evening.  So much is going on in his life and he joined us with one of the simplest inquiries I have ever heard!  We were able to give him some simple answers.  Simple?  Right now, yes.  But the more he seeks the deeper he will discover how weighty and how powerful The Word of God is!
How wonderful to be in the right place at the right time!

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