Monday, October 14, 2013

His Visit

Ah...once again, visiting with God.  "He walks with me and talks with me..." no matter what time of day.  Even now...

Before the curtain's drawn, the Presence
of the Lord be known.
He comes to visit each and every
one who is His Own!
Availed be His Presence unto
all who will allow;
and I avail myself to Him
as He is calling now.

So wonderful, the Presence of
the One Who is alive.
My body, soul and spirit,
on the same, to ever thrive!
Even as I lay me down,
the world to release,
He is here, communing with me,
granting me His peace.

Darkness be upon the land,
oh, but see the Light!
For when you are alive in Him
but say, where is the night?!
He is Life and Light unto
whoever heeds the call;
yes, He avails Himself unto
but everyone at all!

With God all throughout the day...and still is He here beside me as I lay me down.
Enjoy His Presence all through your day!  God is so good and wants you to know His goodness constantly!
Enjoy Him ALWAYS!

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