Friday, October 11, 2013


Once again, here I am alone with Him...
What to do?  What to say?
What's that sound...

Dancing with my Father in
the glory of the day;
reacting to His moving on
the Straight and Narrow Way;
How beautiful, the glory of
His Presence in this walk!
So  wonderful, His Presence,
at the same I'll NEVER balk!!

Step-by-step with Jesus-
hear his laughter...see His smile!
The intercourse that we enjoy-
it makes the moments while!
So very much accomplished in
the simplest of task.
Dancing with my Father-
all I have to do is ask!

Oh, the precious time with God!  Once again, made so real in quiet of the day.
Take a moment today to be ALONE with God.  He WANTS to spend that time with you...whenever and however much you afford to Him.

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