Thursday, October 10, 2013

Constant Love!

"Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me,
Your love...Your love so great!
The results of Your affection-
Lord, we celebrate!
Such affection and such care
is found in not another;
Jesus,, Jesus, Lord to me,
closer than a brother!

Closer than a brother-
my Savior and my Friend!
As I embrace You I am made
to certainly ascend!
Though life has its intensity,
I cling to You alone!
You are what You have always been,
Yet so much newness shown!"

God is so good!  He comes to us so familiar, in ways that we surely recognize, yet He remains always new...I do not understand!
And His love for us...though He has loved us for so long, He will continue to love us until...whatever we matter how we feel...explain it to me!

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