Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A time to grieve?

Standing in the back of the room.  Observing...

Having vied 'face-to-face' for
many years, the dust prevails;
in a hall crowded only with
emptiness another wails.
For though timeless prophecy so proves
"our loss is Heaven's gain,"
when that big of a part of one
is lost there must be pain.

Having vied face-to-face for
many years, the soul prevails
and, forthwith, wings its way unto
that place where no one wails!
Since Christ indwelt so deep within
is life, and death is gain!
Should there not be a victory
celebration instead of pain?

A hypocritical writer,
once again to hone his craft?
At just how many dirges has he
dried the visual fount and laughed?
A life awaits us truly there,
to tongue and table yet unknown,
but 'grief' remains a natural process
each one has a right to own.

None of us can truly know what our brother is going through unless or until we go through it ourselves.  These words were written as I watched others try to console this one that had just lost the one that had been beside them for 55 years.
God is able, yes.  But we are not Him, so let us speak our hearts carefully.

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