Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Unwelcome guest

Depression came to visit me,
prepared to stay awhile.
When it moved in, some things moved out
beginning with my smile.
My joy and my serenity
started then to pack;
chose I then I wanted those
departing to come back!
I checked into his background,
such thievery and deceit!
It prospers only if its let
to lie and steal and cheat!
And that which he promoted,
on the opposite I stood.
Now, pressing on that Upward Way,
all I can see is 'GOOD!'

Don't let depression move in with you.  Sure, we all may 'experience' it at some time or other, but we must not dwell with it.  Get prayer if it does!

The Bells of Heaven

Listen...again.  This time with the heart...

Oh, the bells of Heaven! 
Ever-brightly do they toll!
Striking with resounding joy
the chords within my soul!
A comfort in my trial,
encouragement the same,
but this day be the notes of joy
to fan that living flame!

The very bells of Heaven, oh,
with gladness I attend!
For there, enthroned in glory,
the Supernal I call 'Friend!'
He is the blest Composer of
that melody I know,
the one that so accompanies
wherever I should go!

Hear the bells of Heaven, I say,
listen and perceive!
The Striker of the Bell would so
command you to believe!
For soon will come the day when those
of earth shall no more hear.
Oh take that step that's sure to keep
the bells of Heaven near!

Know Jesus as your personal Savior.
Ask Him to be Your Lord and live in your heart.
That's the only way to guarantee Heaven as your future residence, and to enjoy the comforts of His Presence until that day occurs!


"Thank You, Father, for this most wonderful time You've provided called 'today.'  It is like nothing I have ever experienced before!  So fresh!  So new!  So memorable!
It is not like yesterday, for yesterday is gone!  And who am I to assume that it will be like 'tomorrow?'  First, no one knows the 'morrow' save Him Who creates it.  Second, I have no guarantee whatsoever that I will even be allowed to experience 'tomorrow!'
All I have is 'today.'  And all that I can do with 'today' is enjoy it.
Shall I complain about It?
Shall I murmur about what is not to be?
Shall I allow that over which I have no control control those things which I can?  Certainly not!
As with so many of the wonders of You, I will get out of it what I put into it.  If I put into it praise, thanksgiving, joy and optimism, the same shall I reap.  If I look upon it with dread and fear, so the same shall be.
Oh but God, I accept the gift of You called "Today" with full knowledge that all that it contains is ordained of You, and that there is nothing herein contained that You and I, together, cannot handle!
I love You, and I will use this blessed gift for Your glory!

A time to grieve?

Standing in the back of the room.  Observing...

Having vied 'face-to-face' for
many years, the dust prevails;
in a hall crowded only with
emptiness another wails.
For though timeless prophecy so proves
"our loss is Heaven's gain,"
when that big of a part of one
is lost there must be pain.

Having vied face-to-face for
many years, the soul prevails
and, forthwith, wings its way unto
that place where no one wails!
Since Christ indwelt so deep within
is life, and death is gain!
Should there not be a victory
celebration instead of pain?

A hypocritical writer,
once again to hone his craft?
At just how many dirges has he
dried the visual fount and laughed?
A life awaits us truly there,
to tongue and table yet unknown,
but 'grief' remains a natural process
each one has a right to own.

None of us can truly know what our brother is going through unless or until we go through it ourselves.  These words were written as I watched others try to console this one that had just lost the one that had been beside them for 55 years.
God is able, yes.  But we are not Him, so let us speak our hearts carefully.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

That was fun!

Blessings on you, my faithful readers.
We just returned from a week with my son and his wife, my grandson and our BRAND NEW GRANDDAUGHTER!  Welcome to the world, Annabelle!  It is so good to meet you!
So many many many words churning as I recall the time we spent together!
Thank you for your hospitality, my son and daughter.
Thank you for taking so much time out of your busy schedule to spend with us, my son.  I shall remember it always.  (What I can!)
And thank you, readers, for your love and support of this ministry.

In HIS Service,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welcome Call

(This was written many years ago, so don't panic!  I share these words because, too often, such tribute goes unsaid, and my mom is certainly worth it!)

Lying in the hospital...all alone...(so it seems.)

Down upon my back again,
the telephone, it rings.
Immediately knowing who,
my spirit brightly sings!
Yea, the heart and soul of me
are surely to rejoice
in the sweet assurance of
my mother's gentle voice!

I have the omnipresence of
the Father up above...
I have the grace of Jesus, the
epitome of love!
I have the Holy Spirit to
empower from on high,
but, too, I treasure anything
from her who bore me nigh!

No one to replace the one
with that maternal touch.
A very blessed gift from Him
Who loves me oh, so much!
Nothing of this earth to match
the comfort of her speech;
so very able is my mom,
inside my self, to reach!

Yes, so very blessed I am!  Blessed to not just have my mother, but to have a wonderful relationship with her.  Though many miles separate us, nothing will ever come between!
I certainly pray that each of you have such with your mother!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Out the window...

The chores are done...creation is calling!

I stand before the glass and gaze
at several lonesome pine
down upon the valley, 'yond
the boundary of mine...
silence shall not hinder all
of nature to rejoice-
there be a blest cacophony
without a single voice!

How far be the horizon...
how deep the valley low...
how high the heavens yonder...
will e'er I come to know?
How stand the mighty timber
I have within my sight?
Oh, and please reveal the wonder of
that eagle in his flight!

Oh dare I even ponder that
of which I prior spoke?
Would He, my reason and my vision,
in return, revoke?
But nay!  The One Who walks and talks
with me comes to this man
with revelation ever-fresh
as I, the valley, scan...

The glory of His creation, His mighty handiwork...
Take full advantage of the time that You have to behold the wonder of God!

Him with me

Being with God in the day...even the affects of the day...

The winds have now subsided that
have come to groom the land;
Him in Whom I've confided
beside me now to stand;
in giving explanation
and listening to me,
He makes me surely comprehend
much more than I can see!

For greater than the vision
beside me now to gird:
Him Who made the very land,
yes, The Living Word!
I speak of what I witness,
He speaks what I cannot;
and sweet communion comes from every
tender moment sought!

How wonderful--His visit as I survey the land:
The glory of His creation in the glory of His majesty!
I am so very fortunate to have this relationship. 
Do you have the same?

His Visit

Ah...once again, visiting with God.  "He walks with me and talks with me..." no matter what time of day.  Even now...

Before the curtain's drawn, the Presence
of the Lord be known.
He comes to visit each and every
one who is His Own!
Availed be His Presence unto
all who will allow;
and I avail myself to Him
as He is calling now.

So wonderful, the Presence of
the One Who is alive.
My body, soul and spirit,
on the same, to ever thrive!
Even as I lay me down,
the world to release,
He is here, communing with me,
granting me His peace.

Darkness be upon the land,
oh, but see the Light!
For when you are alive in Him
but say, where is the night?!
He is Life and Light unto
whoever heeds the call;
yes, He avails Himself unto
but everyone at all!

With God all throughout the day...and still is He here beside me as I lay me down.
Enjoy His Presence all through your day!  God is so good and wants you to know His goodness constantly!
Enjoy Him ALWAYS!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ways of Praise

A silent, still afternoon...
not a cloud in the sky?  No!

A single cloud is frolicking
way over in the east;
drifting on, as if it has
not one care in the least.
As it dances in and out
of the searching rays
echoes so resound from all
creation in its praise!
Its praises then to sure ascend
so far beyond the cloud
unto the heights celestial, even
'yond the stellar shroud,
unto the very heart of Him
Who is upon the throne;
and, with it, I would harmonize
unto my God alone!

The glory of His creation sings out...often in ways that very few notice.
Take time today to stop, look and listen to God upon the move...and join creation in it's response!

Friday, October 11, 2013


Once again, here I am alone with Him...
What to do?  What to say?
What's that sound...

Dancing with my Father in
the glory of the day;
reacting to His moving on
the Straight and Narrow Way;
How beautiful, the glory of
His Presence in this walk!
So  wonderful, His Presence,
at the same I'll NEVER balk!!

Step-by-step with Jesus-
hear his laughter...see His smile!
The intercourse that we enjoy-
it makes the moments while!
So very much accomplished in
the simplest of task.
Dancing with my Father-
all I have to do is ask!

Oh, the precious time with God!  Once again, made so real in quiet of the day.
Take a moment today to be ALONE with God.  He WANTS to spend that time with you...whenever and however much you afford to Him.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

That God Song!

When God calls you into a time of peace, a moment of rest, go with Him!  He knows what He is doing.

"You are, You are the first song I will
sing, Lord, in the day!
I have to glorify You before
I go on my way!
The glory and the wonderment,
oh Father, that You are
I have to get a grip on so that
I can go that far.

So new and so, so wonderful,
the living melody
so vast and so, so valuable
as You come startle me!
Sing to me as I sing to You,
Lord, and join that song
to reach unto the uttermost,
inviting them 'Belong!'"

That song, that song so glorious
beginning each new day!
Every verse, another of
His glories to convey!
Sing with me, oh, sing with me
that you, too, will receive
the wonders, oh, so free unto
the chosen who believe!

Yes, sing with me!  God wants to hear your voice just as much as He wants to hear mine!  And He wants to enjoy it with you, even when it is only you!

Constant Love!

"Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me,
Your love...Your love so great!
The results of Your affection-
Lord, we celebrate!
Such affection and such care
is found in not another;
Jesus,, Jesus, Lord to me,
closer than a brother!

Closer than a brother-
my Savior and my Friend!
As I embrace You I am made
to certainly ascend!
Though life has its intensity,
I cling to You alone!
You are what You have always been,
Yet so much newness shown!"

God is so good!  He comes to us so familiar, in ways that we surely recognize, yet He remains always new...I do not understand!
And His love for us...though He has loved us for so long, He will continue to love us until...whatever we matter how we feel...explain it to me!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

First thing...

Hummingbirds humming in the dawn;
soon, their precious presence to be gone...
songbirds singing out the glory real-
there be no way, their jubilance, conceal!
And Presence be so present and alive!
Jesus, God and Spirit to arrive?
NO!  But God in fullness always here-
see Him, feel Him, listen to Him, hear!

So beautiful, the 'life' reality
in His creation, so creative He!
Make the time to be with Him at first;
savor life abounding, unrehearsed!

And again, the voice from the Spirit implores us to turn to God before anything else in the day.  He is Creator!  He is worth that precious time! 
Experience Him, Jesus Christ, God Most High!


The glory of His creation again to seize...

Waking in a fog-
what early morning mist!
Wherever would the river run
is vapor to exist.
Barely up above it all
upon the mountainside.
every sense to be aware
and gently amplified.

Waking in His Presence-
Creator God Most High!
Escorting me as I behold
His wonder with the eye!
So beautiful, His touch upon
the living and the land...
O celebrate the glory touch
of His artistic hand!

Waking in whatever-
God, for He is here!
Everything about Him, it is
'come so very clear!
Notice Him, acknowledge Him-
Life alive is He;
Creator God...Loving God...
but everywhere to be!

The splendor of His touch upon every sight.
The glory of His creation at first light.
At first light?  BUT HE IS LIGHT!
Give Him the praise so due His glory and majesty as you begin your day.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

That holy place!

unto all else blind;
in the Presence of His grace
no blemish is to find!
"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..."
oh, that perfect Name!
Everything about Him, oh,
but holiness the same!

producing light from light!
With residence within, one is
pursuant of what's right?
is all that presses on,
illuminating and assisting-
never to be gone!

oh find us in that place!
Consecrate me for that service
of exalting grace!
In a Place so high above
the avarice of 'now;'
please take us to that Holy Place
as only You know how!"

There is a holy place availed to each of us.  I know where it is.  You know where it is.  Don't let anything come between!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

His Word...Again!

So living...the Word of God!

How deep, how wide, how weighty is
the Power of His Word!
Page to page...line to line...
seen and felt and heard!
Even word to word to bring
another truth to living!
In His Word, there to receive
the Life that He is giving!

How weighty...
can you handle such a thought?
He knows right where to send me to
address each care I've got!
And even if it's but a verse
containing words so few,
He uses that one passage for
to make this life anew!

There is no way of measuring,
in full, the Word of God.
No other living 'thing' has been
so accurate, unflawed!
Thus, we know, it's Truth for every
situation here.
Stand upon His Living Word
and boldly persevere!

So was the advice that we gave the young man last evening.  So much is going on in his life and he joined us with one of the simplest inquiries I have ever heard!  We were able to give him some simple answers.  Simple?  Right now, yes.  But the more he seeks the deeper he will discover how weighty and how powerful The Word of God is!
How wonderful to be in the right place at the right time!