Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Best Place

In a place that He created, a place for two alone.
Issues of the day are stripped away and Presence be all that is.
Needs and desires be sharply focused.
Can it be tolerated?

"O make me more like You I cry
here in Your Majesty.
For You are all I ever want
or ever hope to see!
The beauty of Your holiness
I never may attain,
but God, but Father Lord my God,
Your attributes to gain!

In Your Presence, far away
from all that is contrary.
In a place where goodness is
and perfection...VERY!
Being with You, loving You-
fellowship so sweet!
Oh God, oh Father Lord my God,
You make me so complete!

Reveal to me, restore to me
that wonder that You are!
I want to look into Your face
and never from afar!
In Your Your voice,
I grow, I learn, I live!
O make me more like You, Lord,
so more of You I can give!
O, but God my Father,
in this moment, in this place
I only want to see You...feel You...
and partake of grace!"

In a holy place.  NOTHING else pending!  Leaving the 'good' behind so that I can have the BEST!
Find this place with me, won't you?

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