Tuesday, September 24, 2013


...it's not always what you think:

Early in the sanctuary
with my only King;
Presence oh so present, of His
glory only, sing!
Reverence and silence first
to seize the very soul!
Early in the sanctuary--
oh, to be made whole!
Made whole as my Father reaches
out to welcome me...
completed by the love He has,
so beautiful, so free...
filled to overflowing even
now, before the start...
early in the sanctuary
to repair the heart.

So wonderful, the sanctuary-
living and alive!
Jesus Christ in splendid glory
always to arrive!
But it be us to know arrival,
He is ALWAYS here!
The sanctuary of the Lord-
see Him...feel Him...hear!

Where is your sanctuary?
If it is always a church 'building,' then you are missing an awesome aspect of God's Presence!!
I was, indeed, in the church building before anyone else when these words were written, but by the time I finished the third verse, I realized that they could be applied to any of those wonderful places where I meet with God and we commune!
Enjoy that special time with Him and don't let anything in the world embezzle you out of it!

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