Saturday, September 21, 2013

Question and Answer...

...well, maybe fewer answers!

Once again to wonder...
(avoid, though, asking "Why?")
I live in luxury and health
while others choke and die...
I see the sunrise glory
while others, they are blind...
I breathe in life alive, that which
others cannot find.

I cannot look at "what might be..."
in reaching out to all.
Issues happen without end,
but I must heed the Call.
Even God Himself told us
that trials, they would be,
but let it not conceal the good
that lives in such as we.

Yet again to wonder
while reveling in "good."
So blessed and highly favored we
in ways God only could!
Yea, God-so very faithful-
our Source for to remain;
no matter what all others do,
In Him be all our gain!

Does this mean that only 'good' ever happens to us?  Of course not!  But, somehow, God takes everything that happens and eventually uses it for His good or turns it into something that we can use to glorify Him.
God has taken and is taking the events in this man's life and using them to reach others...even reach the world through this wonderful tool!
Can you see Him at work in your life?

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