Thursday, September 26, 2013


"Early in the mist that You've created,
What would have me do today, oh Lord?"
As that so subtle gets to be more heavy,
I wonder what this day has long held stored.
Already is it settled in the heavens,
He has seen each detail come to pass.
His vision, it is keen and highly focused,
while I behold things darkly, through a glass.

Early in the mist He has created,
I ponder many things as we converse.
I try to focus on His holy Presence,
while I wonder how long to rehearse.
For soon, He says, He's coming to receive us
to live with Him where 'days' shall be no more;

there to know the vision that He purposed,
each and all our senses to restore!

"'Even so, come quickly!' be our heart-cry!
Return that we may know the fullness of!
'History' all of this becoming
as we reside in Your unfailing love.
So many are the issues here distracting,
but each of them shall melt away like mist;
and we shall live with You, Lord, celebrating
the wonder that, in our hearts, You exist!"

Don't ever forget who you are, Whose you are, and what He has in store for you.
As I watch the fog melt away this morning, I think about the issues of this life melting away and the fullness of His glory overtaking!  See it with me, and know that it won't be long from now.

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