Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not 'just another day...'

From the crest of Saturday
morning formulates.
The quill, in absolute excitement,
anxiously awaits!
Proof of promise is existing
in the eastern sky;
even stars and planets, they
would brightly prophesy!

Saturday, blest Saturday,
and finally to rest!
Spending all day in the Presence
of the One so blest!
Jesus, blessed Jesus, oh
so wonderful, so real!
Presence for to see and hear,
and to surely feel!
And even to complete the day
when labors may be few,
regardless of the calendar
He is so very new!
Never "just another day..."
with Jesus Christ, so living!
He is alive in all creation
freely, freely giving!

One more day with Jesus.
One more awesome experience...no matter what be done!
Enjoy Jesus with whatever you have planned today.  He will make it all the more memorable!

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