Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just more words...?

Part the pages...

The glory and the majesty-
seen and felt and heard...
the life and, oh, that nourishment
in the Written Word!
Living so alive that I'm
affected as I read...
all my life is caused to change
as I fully cede!

How beautiful--the Word of God,
as I believe the Life!
How vital be the Truth revealed
from ecstasy to strife!!
How real the reality
as verses come to pass;
how living, the abundance-
deep within me to amass!

Yes, so alive, the Living Word
to all that would partake!
But you must devour every page,
that difference for to make!
Take of it but every day
to know its precious worth!
Know it is Jesus Christ Himself
and savor His new birth!

What a glorious 'book...'
what a wonderful 'read...'
what a neat 'story..'
NO WAY!!  That wonderful Bible is LIFE!  Living Life!  It is Jesus Christ in writing!
Don't just 'read' it, LIVE IT!  Daily...constantly!!

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